Book 4: Hidden Fire

Would you trade your life to the alien prince, to save your planet?

Maral is the leader of a new colony that represents the survival for two planets. She is responsible for the colony’s success, and all the souls that have taken the risk of moving there. However, they are all in danger. They desperately need the assistance of the alien Maluriens to protect themselves.

MakenRoy, Prince of the Maluriens, is willing to offer his help…on one condition. He wants Maral.

What to expect: Glorious world building and a sweet, steamy, sci-fi, alien romance. Hidden Fire is a full-length, enemies-to-lovers romance. The Under Violet Suns series has a progressive story, but each book is a complete HEA adventure with no cliff-hanger.

If you like Ruby Dixon, Honey Phillips, Ava Ross or Ilona Andrews, you won’t be able to put down the steamy and sweetly addictive Under Violet Suns series.