Book 3: Wild Fire

Would you risk your life on a new planet, for the chance to meet your perfect mate?

The planet Falosia has no males, the planet Verit few females. In a last desperate attempt to save both worlds, they are taking applications for a new joint colony. It has one purpose, to help their people find mates.

Lenora is thriving after moving to a remote new colony. It’s essential that she stays under the radar, and a quiet distant colony is perfect place to go to ground…

Vordan-Pa is an interstellar pilot, with a ready grin and happy-go-lucky attitude. He is the last person that Lenora should be interested in if she wants to stay hidden. When they are thrown together on a mission, Lenora begins to question whether avoiding the past is the best plan after all…

What to expect: Glorious world building and a sweet, steamy sci-fi, alien romance. Wild Fire is a full-length, enemies-to-lovers romance. The Under Violet Suns series has a progressive story, but each book is a complete HEA adventure with no cliff-hanger.

If you like Ruby Dixon, Honey Phillips, Ava Ross or Ilona Andrews, you won’t be able to put down the steamy and sweetly addictive Under Violet Suns series. Read on below for an excerpt!