Book 2: Dark Fire

Would you risk your life on a new planet, for the chance to meet your perfect mate?

The planet Falosia has no males, the planet Verit few females. In a last desperate attempt to save both worlds, they are taking applications for a new joint colony. It has one purpose, to help their people find mates.

Zera has spent her life suppressing her nature. As a born Warrior on a planet of empaths, she has held her inner fire under ruthless iron control. When she accepts an assignment to the newly established Colony 29, she relishes the opportunity to finally be valued for her warrior skills.

Odran is a skilled scientist on a planet of warriors. Colony 29 offers a chance at a different life, an opportunity to pursue his research away from the endless mercenary wars of his people.

When Zera is tasked to lead an investigation into newly discovered alien tech that threatens the survival of the fledgling colony, Odran is assigned as her scientific advisor. Falling for a warrior was never on Odran’s agenda, but sparks fly between them, as they struggle to resist the promise of a Dark Fire that will consume them.

What to expect: Glorious world building and a sweet, steamy sci-fi, alien romance. Dark Fire is a full-length, enemies-to-lovers romance. The Under Violet Suns series has a progressive story, but each book is a complete HEA adventure with no cliff-hanger.

If you like Ruby Dixon, Honey Phillips, Ava Ross or Ilona Andrews, you won’t be able to put down the steamy and sweetly addictive Under Violet Suns series.

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